Norse Strike Force V

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Norse Strike V is a satirical montage of stereotypical medieval action movies. The idea catered well to five people, and we had a ton of fun belting out the melodramatic dialogue and doing our best Shakespearean accents. Austin's always a blast to work with since he brings a lot of energy to the show. Huzzah!


GALLAGHER: Avast! Hold down the fort, lads. The enemy will be approaching by daybreak.

RIDGELY: Damn it, Gallagher. We're short on men. These are not soldiers, they're peasants!

GALLAGHER: I'm aware of the situation, Ridgely. There's no need for your pessimism. We must stand strong if we expect to survive this.

KNOX: This sword has been brought down from generation to generation. Long ago, my ancestors used this to diminish the Magnelite General.

RICHARDS: Excellent, my lord. The enemy will never see what's coming to them.

KNOX: Precisely.

COMBINED: Hahahahahaha!

JAMESON: On this day, we fight! Do not give in to fear! Know that there is more to this life than meets the eye, for you are doing the work of the Almighty! Raise your swords, brace your shields, for this will be a day to remember!

GALLAGHER: Brother, I will follow you until the end.

RIDGELY: Until whatever end that may be, brother.

GALLAGHER: Think of what father would say to us now.

RIDGELY: He'd be a proud man to see his sons fighting for their countrymen.

KNOX: By the blades of my arrow and the strike of my sword, I will make history this day.

RICHARDS: Yes, and then later we will reap the fruits of our labor.

KNOX: Think of the women bowing at our feet.

RICHARDS: The children looking to us as heroes.

JAMESON: Cover your flank, Thorian, ah! Move up, move up!

GALLAGHER: Brother, look to the East!

RIDGELY: So much death… so much carnage…

GALLAGHER: Don't give up now, brother. We're almost out of this.

KNOX: Ahhh! Feel my wrath, Thorian!

RICHARDS: Ha-ha! Taste my sword, peasant!

JAMESON: Come close, Thorian.

GALLAGHER: My lord...

JAMESON: We've fought valiantly this day. Never give up hope.

KNOX: Richards! Richards!

RICHARDS: Over… here…

KNOX: No… what happened?

RICHARDS: It's not too bad.

KNOX: We must find your medicine, immediately.

RICHARDS: No… just leave me.

KNOX: No! I will not let you die here.

RICHARDS: We've won, brother. Just... let me go.

KNOX: I'm sorry it had to end this way.

RICHARDS: Take care of my family.

KNOX: Of course. Goodbye, gentle warrior.


from Platonic Plankton From Pluto, released April 1, 2011
Chris Atkins as Gallagher
Liam Rand as Ridgely
Jason Van Slyke as Knox
Skyler Newman as Richards
Austin Gladney as Jameson
Music by Arend van Stenis (




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