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Don't Wake Daddy was thought of prominently to cater to Austin's hilarious impression of an angry father, and as a satirical vision of the board game, Don't Wake Daddy. All of the lines were improvised, and after we performed the first take, the energy in the room was so intense that it took us all a second to snap back to reality. We were all standing there, thinking, "Did that just really happen?"


JIMMY: Oh man, what's that dude with the gas mask on? He's crazy!

TIMMY: I don't know, he was hypnotizing Meryl earlier… oh my God!

JIMMY: How did he know that?!

TIMMY: He's reading my memory card!

JIMMY: That's crazy!

TIMMY: How's he turning invisible?

SHEILA: Boys, your father is trying to sleep. Please keep it down, alright?

JIMMY: Yeah, Mom.

TIMMY: Sorry, Mom.

TIMMY: Ok, she's gone, she's gone, she's gone, let's unpause it.

JIMMY: Alright.

TIMMY: How am I… he's invisible!

JIMMY: He's floating around the room!

TIMMY: He's throwing things at me!

JIMMY: Watch out for that statue!

TIMMY: Oh my God! I need more rations!

JIMMY: What's Meryl gonna do?!

TIMMY: She's shooting herself in the head!

JIMMY: Ahhhh! Ahhhh!

SHEILA: Boys! Boys! What did I just say? Your father's trying to sleep!

CLARK: What the fuck is going on in here?!

SHEILA: Oh, look at what you've done!

CLARK: What the fuck! It is early in the fucking morning! I have to work! No, shut the fuck up, Sheila!

SHEILA: Clark!

CLARK: I have to get up at six in the morning! Six in the fucking morning! You shut the fuck up, Sheila!

JIMMY: Ahhhh!

CLARK: Come here! Come here! Come here. Get the fuck over here.

CLARK: I can't wait till fuckin' both of you are dead. I'm gonna fuckin' go get my fucking knife, I'm gonna skin the fuck out of both your little bodies, and I'm gonna fuckin' hang the skin up like fuckin' slabs of meat on meat hooks, and I'm gonna sell your lifeless, skinless fuckin' bodies to food corporations around America, so they can chop your video games up. Fuck!


from Platonic Plankton From Pluto, released April 1, 2011
Chris Atkins as Jimmy
Jason Van Slyke as Timmy
Skyler Newman as Sheila
Austin Gladney as Clark




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